Thursday, February 7, 2008

Please get into this interview!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nobody reads people quite like Mr. Wendy Williams. She went off in a very subtle way on Puffy’s latest debacle, I mean, band. Not that Diddy hadn't already done it, but she ripped each of them a new asshole. She read them like the bad piece of non-fiction they are. And I love her dearly for that.

Get into her piercing quotables:


Wendy To Q: I can see how that mistake [about you being gay] can be made, but, you know, you’re a nice young man. You have a very nice complexion and nice rosey lips and nice straight white teeth. They’re a little bucked, but you’re not gonna get that fixed are you? That’s your character.

Wendy: Robert, do you have a little process in your hair?

Robert: It’s au naturale, baby.

Wendy: Negro, please.


Wendy to Willy: Now, you, according to the sources, are alleged to have been possibly gay. Are you gay?


Wendy to Willy: Gay is not a look, it’s a feel. And the verdict is still out on you.


Wendy to Mike: And can I just say this? Mike, I’m sorry. I feel like a horrible person, but…. you need a bigger cross. And I can just say this as a big girl as bigger people all of our accessories need to match us. Your cross would be more fitting on a smaller guy. But you just need a cross that’s a little bit bigger.

(later in interview)

Wendy to Mike: Mike, I did not realize that you loss so much weight. Congratulations. You know what, I apologize for that cross statement, but you do need a bigger cross, but I realize now how small that cross would look if you were know what I mean?


Wendy to Q: Oh, Q, all the blood is just rushing to your mouth. You’re lips get redder and redder as the interview goes on. Don’t worry, it’s almost over.


Wendy to the Band: The inside scoop you’ll have to listen to on the subway on your way back to the headquarters. (Note how the Band was completely stuck after this...they didn't know what to say.)


Wendy as the Band walks out of the studio: I don't see anybody switching. Wait...hold on.


La said...

My official stance on Wendy Williams is that she's the worst...

**whispering** but ohmigod I love that outrageous tranny bitch, lol

Mr. Jones said...

It's love/hate with me, too.

She's quite butch tho. In a tranny sort of way.

Nia said...

Okay, you HAVE to love Wendy for this. LMAO! Great job transcribing, Mr. Jones. I am reading it with that New York tranny accent and everything.

PRIMO said...

She Speaks her mind and i love that................

BUT The Bitch Is A Mess!

PRIMO said...

BTW..... Willy And Q Are Sexy. Especially Willy.

Mr. Jones said...

My absolute favorite line is at the very end:

I don't see anybody switching. Wait, hold on.

Cocoa Rican said...

She's always been a homobashing bitch, but she keeps it real - albeit, a bit on the 'fishing' side. She's certainly a train wreck...hate to see it, but can't turn away

That Dude Right There said...

Ms. Williams does all of us gay people a disservice by making accusations that every damn body is gay.

She may be funny, but i'm not going to listen to her put people down, and spill people's "T" in the name of "keeping it real".

Infamous said...

Hilarious, she is definitely my favorite tranny.

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea - I remember when I worked in NYC. Here I was in Corporate America overseeing the operations of an entire office. I was poised and acted with the utmost oppulence and sophistication. But at 2PM - a negro had to turn to WBLS on 107.5 in NYC to listen to Wendy Williams until I left for the day. I loved listening to her...I wish I could get her in Chicago. Although, I guess I could log online...

yet another black guy said...

sorry but most radio jocks are a-holes and she definitely fits that to a tee.

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