Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A note about the Potomac Primaries

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I, along with about 15,000 other people, on Monday schlepped downtown and waited patiently for hours in Baltimore's arena to hear his last hurrah before voters in DC, Maryland and Virginia took to the polls yesterday.

I went into it fully expecting a prototypically fluffy stump speech -- and he certainly didn't disappoint on that front -- but I though that he'd have something of substance to say. He started talking about the war and how we shouldn't have gone into it and then he said...'I plan to do something about this war we're in.' I'm like...ok, here comes that substance I've been waiting for. Then...nothing came. It was almost like I was in some bizarre-o world. Everyone around me was screaming and yelling and applauding and I'm wondering if I missed something.

Barack has pathos. I'm sure there's some substance somewhere, but he does a good job appealing to people's emotions. Regarding the war, for example, all he did is use those keys words: war, bad, Bush, wrong, hope, change, audacity.

John Q. Voter ate it right up.

As you probably already know, Sen. Barack Obama swept what politicos are dubbing the "Potomac Primaries". And really, in all fairness, I should mention that he didn't just beat his opposition, he mollywhopped that hoe. I mean, he took Hil to a dark alley and thrice has his way with her.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, who hasn't won a contest since Super Tuesday, didn't so much as utter a word about her being swept up and down the Chesapeake as she spoke in El Paso, Texas last night. Her obviously struggling camp continues to spin, spin, spin by asserting that their plan to focus on the big states is still working and that neither she nor her supporters should be concerned over Obama's recent success and momentum because, well, it's still early.

So, wait a they really expect voters to believe that despite firing her #1 and #2 and loaning $5 million of her personal money to support her campaign and losing several contests in a row that all is well in the Clinton camp? Puh-lease.

I have to admit, though, that I'm not sure how I feel about Sen. Obama's totally grass roots driven success. On one hand I'm ecstatic that people, particularly young people, are interested and involved in politics and that a black man is realistically the front-runner for the democratic nomination for the presidency. On the other hand, the people voting for him have no clue about what he stands for or politics in general.

For example, this girl at my polling place said last night that Barack was “so hot that it’d be criminal to vote against him”. Seriously? You’re voting for the next president of the United States, which is arguably the most powerful position in the world because you think he’s hot?

Get real and get a clue while you're at it.


La said...

First things first:

"he mollywhopped that hoe. I mean, he took Hil to a dark alley and thrice has his way with her."

Dammit you're gonna get me fired, lol. SO absurd.

You're right though on many account. What actually swayed me to vote for Obama was a couple things: hearing Michelle speak, liking the fact that he didn't get money from any lobbyists and therefore didn't have a business agenda to push in the political arena and doing reasearch myself. His plans are out there. I just think he relies on his charisma moreso because getting people emotionally involved is a good way to appeal to the sore spots of the public. It's a great PR campaign. The other thing I like about Obama is that even the things that still aren't outlined as succinctly, i feel he's open to help and suggestion. Being the president is not a one man job. I think Obama, moreso than Hill because she has the experience, the political alliances and certain business and personal allegiances to maintain, would moreso be the one to be a self contained cabinet. And with America being in the position its in, both domestically and especially globally, we cant afford another president who will run the country on ego and excuse it with experience. Do some reasearch on him. You'll find that his plans are both very well thought out and very similar to Hillary's.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think that Obama wins votes on style over substance. But at the same time your criticism of Obama has been framed in part by the clinton camp and the media. What candidate has outlined every domestic and foreign policy that they plan on pursuing once they become President. Looking at the field both Republican and Democrat I see them debating values and experience and not issues. I cant tell you Hilary's or Huckabee view on stimulating the economy or suring up social security or even immigration.

I think certain times call for a certain type of leadership and I think Obama is as good as any of the other contenders if not better at being the President of the United States. Experience is overrated and Hilary's and Mccain's support of the war shows that experience does not equate to good decision making.

Cocoa Rican said... is always the case, political discussions are difficult and best and a true expression of opinions. All said, Obama doesn't have the international experience or connections to be an effective president at this point in his career. Will it matter if he's elected? Don't know. Our first Black President...I think we either pray for it or fear for his safety, but in either case we know that it will be different - different is not always good. At this point we can all agree that anyone HAS to be better than our current President.

Curious said...

I think that if good looks and a great stump speech that made me feel good all over were all that I needed to pick a candidate then I would still be at the Mormon temple burning offereings. But politics should be more than that.
There are many questions that face us today and maybe even more that will occur during the next 4 years that we can't even think of yet.

Very few of us will have time to read all the policies and ideas that each candidate has written down somewhere. It should be the candidates responsibility to inform us of themselves if they want to be elected the leader of the free world. You should be able look to someone who can at least answer 1 or 2 of those questions for you. If they don't and you still vote for them, then you will never be able to hold them accountable.

BTW, There is nothing wrong with experience, people just need to know or ask is if that experience is relevant now.

Also, Hillary is not for the war now and has never been. Her problem is she's afraid to take risks and state what she trully believes. That's why she followed the rest of the sheep in Congress and voted for those powers the president now has. Who's to say that aversion to risk wont follow her into other arenas.

I've always said if you can't run a campaign then you can't run a country, and there seems to be only one person passing the test so far.

Humility731 said...

Mollywhopped that hoe though? You really went off on Senator Clinton. I went to vote and I was at the arena as well. I don't like the fact that she hasn't extended the courtesy and decency to congratulate him on his win. He extended the same courteous olive branch to her when she won. I'm sure congratulating your opponent isn't mandatory but it definately goes down in my book as being tactful.

Mr. Jones said...

Good points made by all.

Humility - She congratulated him last night in San Antonio and said that he should "meet her in Texas b.c she's ready".

Step your up-to-the-minute news game up.

That Dude Right There said...

Something tells me that they are going to be running together for President and Vice-President. In what order I have no idea and don't care. As long as the next president is not Republican, I will be happy.

Mr. Jones said...

Obama carries the blacks, the white women, the affluent, the educated, the young and the Iraq voters. Why would he need her on the same ticket?

Anonymous said...

excellent point.. I think neither have a strong executive leadership resume. Yes Hilary is a senator but that really isnt the same at operating a state government and managing the bureaucracy and balancing budgets...Hillary is smart but a previous response noted she is a sheep..she goes with the political winds...whatever is popular or safe is the side that she champions.She is too politically calculating in all that she does. She is a career politician. Some people like that I dont. I want a president who stands for something though it may be political suicide or unpopular...who may not have all the answer but doesnt pretend that he/she does. I want a president who to a degree can inspire people to aspire towards a more harimonious existence, where there is not so much division and political pandering. Obama is definitely something new and none of us have a crystal ball (the choice would be a lot easier if we did) but I believe that his leadership, words and wisdom will postively transform our nation

Anonymous said...

transform our nation? what does that mean. I think it begins with balancing our budget..suring up social security..repairing our damaged international reputation and repairing to a degree the racial,ethnic and religious divisions that we have in this country. He has outlined an ambitious program in which he will create green collared protect our environment..make us less dependent upon foreign energy sources and to decrease the affects of global warming. He is going to repeal NCLB and make it so teachers are no longer forced to teach to the test but can teach children what they need to know to be successful. He is going to create a 4,000 Pell Like Grant for all BA seeking students to help defry the cost and in return you will have to give 2 years of your life to Peace Corp or Teach For America. On immigration he not only about penalizing illegals in this country but working to effectively identify them and solidify our borders. I think he has the charisma to be an ambassdor, an effective leader, and a positive representative of the US both here and abroad and I am excited and energized by his candidancy

Mr. Jones said...

Anonymous - You make excellent points, but I told you last night...GET YOUR OWN BLOG IF YOUR WRITING DISSERTATIONS!!!!!

LOL....I'm just kidding. You really should give yourself a nickname at least. Nia does it.

Franki said...

I've heard rumors of an Obama/Jim Webb (VA) ticket and I find myself intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Im educated, black, affluent and everything else, but I cannot support Obama. His track record in Illinois is horrible. I do not see him fulfilling any of his promises to this state as a senator, how could I possibly support him as a presidential candidate? I find Clinton more suitable than Obama, but I rather vote McCain for his innovative initiative in moving America forward.

Mr. Jones said...

Captain - If by "innovative initiative" you mean continuing the same stagnant work of this god-awful Bush administration, then yes, McCain will move America forward.

yet another black guy said...

i'm really stating to dislike that broad

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