Friday, January 18, 2008

Was I a bastard for this? Honestly.

Friday, January 18, 2008, my co-workers (and most people who know me) know that I'm hardly a morning person. This isn't anything new either. I've been this way. I'll say 'hello' and 'good morning' and may even have the obligatory office water cooler chit-chat/small talk about whatever nonsensical topics people decide to bring up, but I'm none too happy about it when I have to.

Two of my co-workers who have been out on business for most of the last two weeks started hounding me at 8:35 this morning (the damn office opens at 8:30) with questions about the pricing structure for a product/service my company offers it's clients.

This is how the cross-cube conversation went:

Heyyyy...uhhh...Mr. Jones.

(Thinking how much I hate that long pause between hey and my name...just say what the fuck you have to say)

Heyyyy...uhh...[insert co-workers name here]

You've been working on this...How much are we charging per [insert name of component of character education curriculum here]?

Fifty dollars.

WHAT?!?!? FIFTY DOLLARS!!!! I thought we were charging at-cost. That's really expensive.

(already annoyed by the fact that I just walked in and I'm being accosted about work AND because I've been meeting with my boss all week to discuss this pricing structure)

No, it's been changed. It's $50 now.

Are you sure? I could've sworn we were charging at-cost. $50 seems expensive.

We just met yesterday about this. It's being marketed differently now.

But $50?? That seems expensive.

Look, [insert co-worker's name here], why don't you check with [the boss]. Maybe she can clear this up for you.


Well, I'm telling you the answer to your question, but it's obviously not good enough, so why don't you go and check with [the boss]. Perhaps she can explain this differently.

Wow. Ok.

(akward silence)

My question is this:

Was I being a snappy asshole that needs to apologize for being a bitch or did I respond just fine and need to forget about it?

I think I'm fine, but I'm asking because I've been known to over-respond to certain circumstances and not realize my overreaction until much later, if at all.


One Man’s Opinion said...

I've done this, so "no" I don't think you were snappy.....An "asshole"...maybe. But seriously, I hate it when people ask me a question and I answer it and then they question if my answer is right. Hell, if you don't believe my answer, why the fuck did you ask me to begin with. Go to hell and ask the folks down there, damn it.

Mr. Jones said...

I hear that shit!

jameil1922 said...

i'm show nuff the wrong person to ask about stuff like that because i don't like being questioned repeatedly.

Cocoa Rican said...

You were on point. You answered the question, you even gave info as to when the info was updated and the bitch ass kept drillin'. You did the right thing by referring him to the boss. I would have been slightly more REAL with, "Hey, maybe you should do a 'shame on you' segment for one of the local networks on what we're charging. LOL :::Picked up my phone and ignored any comebacks...:::::

Mr. Jones said...

Jameil - So, I'm not the only one whp hates that shit. Good.

Cocoa - You are too much for me. lol.

La said...

I don't think so. I'm with everyone else. IF you ask me and I answer you, must you repeatedly ask me the same question after I've given you a solid answer? And furthermore (and far more annoying) do you have to rephrase the same exact question the same way as though I'm too stupid to notice and will give you a different answer? Hoe sit down.

Granted, I may not be the authority on this as A. I am no good to anyone before noon and B. I can be kinda bitchy. But he asked you a question and he got an answer. Repeatedly. Anything over and above that is annoying and insulting as I'm gonna feel like you don't think I know what I'm talking about.

Kensilo said...

You handled the situation just fine. It seems to me that your Co-worker did not want to hear that the cost of price has change. Constantly saying "that's seems expensive" does not change the cleints price of the service that is rendered. Yes, you are right he is an Azz!!!

Franki said...

I personally refer all questions to the J. That chicky can set anyone straight.

Anonymous said...

I thank God I got power to fire people.

E said...

It might have been a bit bitchy but it's annoying that you give an answer and the person is still pressing you like they don't believe it. So I think your response was justified.

That Dude Right There said...

My reply would have been, "don't ask me that again".

Darius T. Williams said...

Um - hello - yes you were a snappy bitch! I mean, I'd have done the same thing you would have done - but, I don't think that's the right thing to do. I think when you have a cubicle you're obliged to engage in certain conversations and expected to act a certain way. I think a better way to handle it would to have probably said to give you a few minutes or ask if we could talk about this know, give you some time to warm up w/out making you upset. Or, do what I do - I go in my office and close my door. But, I'm a morning person - so there - lol.

Mr. Jones said...

So the consensus is I was a bitch, but I responded appropriately given the circumstance.

I suppose you all are right. I am one to be a bit of a bitch.

yet another black guy said...

a month ago i would've answered differently, but after seeing you get short with somebody in Miami...

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