Monday, December 24, 2007

This explains an awful lot...

Monday, December 24, 2007

UPDATE: I don't know if you all have been following this story, but it has more twists and turns than a damn soap opera. Raz B recended his claims. The brother still stands by his allegations saying Raz B was coerced into recanting. Now Raz B is supposedly missing. If this was about free press, then mission accomplished.

I knew all along that something wasn't right about this situation. Four pretty little post-pubescent boys singing and dancing and prancing around half-naked. It all just seemed too Never Never Land-ish for me.

Former B2K member Raz-B today posted these videos on You Tube claiming he and other group members were molested by record executive/cousin Chris Stokes. Nasty.


RocaFella07 said...

Wow!! Thats just crazy!


Kensilo said...

When I got home from my Christmas dinner I look at my inbox and there it was. I watched it and it is soo sad. That's entertainment industry for ya.

Playboy Adonis said...

This news is sad cause all families have things that are personal and usually that kind of thing is handled behind closed doors. I wonder if it is publicity to hype up the reality show that razb is doing cause if he truly forgave the guy long ago would this be coming out now?

Nia said...

I believe it all. I've always pegged Chris Stokes as a perv. Ever since he had Immature posing for pics in their undies in the early 90's. It's very telling when your proteges are pre-pubescent boys. See: Lou Pearlman.

Infamous said...

I believe it...I also believe that Omarion and Bow Wow have a thang going on.

That Dude Right There said...

There are three sides to this story. Stokes, B2K, and the truth.

yet another black guy said...

i hope this isn't true, but i wouldn't be shocked if it is. Entertainment Svengalies have long been guilty of taking advantage of their younger charges since court jesters were pop stars.

Mr. Jones said...

Rocafella - Yeah...a mess. Thanks for stopping by.

Kensilo - Not for getting email updates though. lol. You keep your finger on the?

Playboy - I think you're cute.

Nia - Not Lou Pearlman

Infamous - Me too.

TDRT - I feel you, dawg.

YABG - Uh huh.

Playboy Adonis said...

did they ever find him?

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