Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

  • I've been working like a dog recently. Our quarterly board of directors meeting is today and I've been slaving since last week getting ready for it. I was at the office until 8:30 last night finishing up performance measure reports for the program committee. I emailed my boss and told her I was resting today. We can call it my sabbath.

  • I'm going to Miami in February and I can't wait. I'm so damn excited that I booked my tickets last week. Round-trip, direct flights between Baltimore and Miami on American Airlines for $194. I can't wait to abandon the northeast winter for a balmy South Beach.

  • Speaking of northeast winters, it's cold as hell here. I was driving home last night and my car said it was 36-degrees. The damn wind made it feel like it was more like 26-degrees. I told Royce last night I was cold, he said, 'I know what you mean. I was chilly here (in Central Florida) today in my short-sleeved shirt." I'm wearing a damn wool hat and scarf and he's talking about a short-sleeved shirt? I told him he had no room to talk. I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Parts of Michigan and western New York have already seen a foot of snow.

  • One of my co-workers (male) didn't have any underwear on yesterday. He probably thinks no one's the wiser, but I could tell.

  • I sent a resume to Under Armour last week and got a call back for an interview. It's next week. I'm nervous for some reason. The for-profit world is a cold, scary place.

  • My 12-year old nephew called me yesterday to ask about oral sex. He asked what he should do if a girl asks him to put his mouth between her legs. After the initial shock of my 12-year old nephew asking me about oral sex and after thinking how poor a job that little girl's parents did, I told him that I was wrong person to talk to and that he should ask his father. I'm not touching that with a 10 foot poll.

  • I can't believe more people aren't talking about what's going on in Pakistan right now. You'd be PISSED if President Bush woke up one day, declared martial law to avoid being ousted as President by the Supreme Court, suspended the Constitution and arrested lawyers and judges and protesters. PISSED.

  • I still want to be in a relationship.

  • Ram's Head Live in downtown Baltimore is stop #3 on Jay-Z's exclusive five-city "American Gangster" tour. If you haven't heard, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York are the others. I'm cised because I'm going! I ain't too cool about paying damn near $300 for the ticket (fucking price gouging vultures), but I'm going. Wu-Tang Clan is performing at the same spot in January, but I ain't paying $95 to see a bunch of dudes pushing 40. They can forget that.


Ailed LittleKnight said...

lol that's real random! Ummm how about not touching that with a 100 yard pole! That's something serious with your nephew. you should follow up to see if he did indeed talk to his father. don't want your nephew with a baby at 13 y/o! Hell it can happen! Nice post!

Kensilo said...

Good luck on the interveiw. I am sure you will do just fine. I love the cold weather now that's my time of year.

As faras your co-worker goes you need to send an anyomous e-mail to his inbox stating that was some nast s#%^. and NEVER to do it again!

I mad that you paid $300 bucks to go on that tour. I hope that do a good show for ya.

Troy N. said...

300: sounds like me blowing my money AGAIN.
Hope the Undergear gig comes through.
And the real way you noticed who the 'no-undies' wearer was??

Cocoa Rican said...

It's cold as my heart in '88 here in NYC!
I'm looking forward to PR on 11/19! Whew!
Tell your nephew that the moment he would put his face into a dirty trash can and lick the bottom, then he should eat some twat.
Royce is a fool... LOL :) He knows he better enjoy that heat if he's planning to hit Chi-town soon.

life said...

Okay, I was going to comment on your post, then I saw cised. I need to call my friend from Maryland. She is the only person who I knew from the area and she said that all the

That Dude Right There said...

$300. Negro is you crazy???? Maybe if Luther woke up from the dead and had a concert!!!!!

Are you sure you want to leave your job?

Cold? Try Toronto where I am. It's so damn cold that I returned my rental car cause I am not going ANYWHERE.

You did the right thing telling your nephew to talk to DAD. You never want to hear "Uncle Warren told me too..."

Darius T. Williams said...

Your'e right...the for profit world is CRAZY. But you've gotta be crazy right along w/them. My boss referred to my defense in a recent meeting w/a few others as "cocky." I told her thank you - I'm the only Black, the youngest (and cutest by the way), yea, I gotta make sure they understand where I'm coming from. But, that's what you deal with - cockiness for me, but from someone else it'd just be confident.

Sorry to vent on your comments - lol...but thanks for listening!

D.LavarJames said...

Yeah it has become nippy around these parts, but as much as I was complaining about the heat this summer, I am looking foward to a chill down.

How u know your coworker didn't have underwear on? Y was u looking down there in the first place?

Good luck with the interview!

You shoulda told your nephew that he shouldn't be putting his mouth anywhere, especially not there!

Enjoy being single damnit!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

There's nothing wrong with the twat, however, I agree that is a discussion he should have with his papa.

Yeaaaaaa at no undwear although I don't do that to work. That's just strange.

Good luch on your interview Mr_Jones. Don't be afraid of the 'for profit' businesses. It's a cute chess game that is not for the weak. You are a strong dude!


Don't Oppress Me said...

I'm so tempted to school the blog world on oral sex techniques right now, but I'm really not.

Just let it be known that The Kid has SKILLS (on both genders lol.)

DAMN, I so wanna see Jigga this time around, but he's not coming down here (no pun intended; see above). The album is BANGING though.

Mr. Jones said...

Ailed - It is random. That's why its called random thoughts. lol.

kensilo - Thanks. I do a pretty good job selling myself, so I should do ok. As for my co-worker, it was nasty. I mean, I didn't mind looking.

Troy - First, thanks for commenting. I think this is your first time here. Love your blog.

I noticed he wasn't wearing underwear cus he's little booty was jiggling and his junk was swinging about.

Cocoa - You're silly. Vagina can't be that bad, can it?

Life - Cised is something I picked up during college. It's def. not a word that I grew up using. It's a DC-area thing.

TDRT - Not for putting my government all out there like that. You know you gotta watch yourself around the kids.

Darius - Go 'head and vent brotha b/c I have no clue what you're talking about.

D.Lavar - I want to be in a relationship and I won't enjoy being single just because you want me to.

Blaq - lol @ you spilling the beans.

Dont Oppress - First, welcome. Second, that was the most random piece of information I think I've ever read here. I got this message on my blackberry when I was having lunch and thought, 'WTF? I've gotta go back and re-read what I wrote. How does wonder head fit in?' I still don't see how it fits, but ain't mad at cha for knowing what to do. keep it up pimp.

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