Thursday, October 18, 2007

Clothes I want, but shouldn't buy at the moment...

Thursday, October 18, 2007
Cashmere V-Neck by J. Crew
(I actually like the white collar shirt underneath.)

Striped Cashmere Henley by J. Crew

Yeats-stripe Merino Cardigan by J. Crew
(I like the look of the sweater and the oxford. I dunno if I'd do the knit skinny tie.)

Claviere Jacket by Loro Piana
(This coat and hat and scarf shipped directly from Italy = a pipe dream at best)

Graphic Tee by Modern Amusement (from South Moon Under)
(I hate graphic tees, but I love this one. It's $50, that's why I shouldn't buy it)

Monogram Barrel Cuff Check Shirt by Banana Republic
(minus the tie)


Kensilo said...

I like the Strip Merino Cardigan and The Cashmere Henley.

I can't wait for the fall weather to take full effect.

life said...

Someone loves J. crew. I like the cardigan (I wouldn't buy, because it's too trendy, which means I couldn't wear it next year) and the screen t-shirt (I usually don't don't get into those either..

D.LavarJames said...

I def. like the cashmere V Neck. That would look nice.

=( I like graphic t's. Not all but some, I have a couple myself.

ProfessorB said...

I like the striped cashmere henley. I don't like graphic tees. You forgot to give prices!

yet another black guy said...

the Italian pipe dream? i'll take that :)

Ebonne said...

I like the blue and grey one the best... and that coat... very suave!

Mr. Jones said...

Ken - I can't wait either. I want a new North Face.

Life - I do! So much so that I worked there for a hot minute.

D.Lavar - I think most look cheap and are stupid. This one was cute and will be hot under a blazer.

Professor - Do your own shopping. lol.

YABG - I could make soooo many references here, but I won't. :-)

Ebonne - Thanks for commenting. The coat is hot, right?

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