Monday, October 29, 2007

She took six years off, but she's here snatch it back.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I don't get into much hip-hop anymore (blame the south), but I still like Foxy Brown. I really do. I've been with her for over a decade. I'm talking about back in '95 when she was just 15 y/o girl with oversized tits rapping on LL Cool J's 'I Shot Ya'. I was with her when she was still camping out under Jay-Z's desk trying to convince him to get her out of her deal with Violator.

I've supported her through it all - the fights with hotel staff, the split with Jay, her iron throwing era, the whole deaf thing, the reunion with Jay, the current jail sentence...that weave in the picture above. When the boo-birds came out, I still stood by her. And she rewards with a hot track here and there.

Anyway, Foxy's back. Well, technically, she isn't. Brooklyn's Don Diva is still at Riker's Island getting in trouble, but her camp is set to release her latest street album. Her critics, say what they may, can never call her a wack rapper. She's easily one of the top-5 female MCs of all time.

Her new single, 'We on Fire' featuring Movado (a C-list producer that she hired from her cell), is just Hold your head, Fox!

Foxy Brown feat. Movado - We On Fire


Kensilo said...


Help Foxy's por soul..

Anonymous said...

Please someone shoot her so we can get decent performing arts!

yet another black guy said...

something about her just makes me dislike her. like i get the feeling she's a real BITCH. as opposed to a REAL bitch. get it?

D.LavarJames said...

I used to love the hell outta Foxy, would take her over Lil Kim anyday.

Now I'm to the point where all the dumb ass choices she has made are just that...Dumb Ass!!!

She needs to get it together!

That Dude Right There said...

Why all the hate on southern hip-hop?

life said...

Another male who likes Foxy!!! Actually, I've fallen off since she has been doing silly stuff for the pass 4-6 years without a hit. This song is straight, but it's not an anthem.

Mr. Jones said...

Ken - Yes, help her.

Captain - You'll soon be put of out your misery. It's just a mater of time...really.

YABG - I do.

D.Lavar - She does.

TDRT - Cus it's dumb for the most part. In my defense, I do listen to good southern hip-hop.

Life - I agree. Solid, but not stellar.

M-Dubb said...

Not feeling Movado. Why is he named after a watch? Is he black as hell with one eye and a nervous twitch? That's what my Movado looks like...

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