Monday, October 22, 2007

Let Me Know What You Think

Monday, October 22, 2007
Six months ago, I started working with the Alumni Association at my high school. A few weeks ago, one of the board members - a sitting US Representative - asked me to speak at a fundraising gala on Capitol Hill in Washington benefiting my old high school and the Maryland Chapter of the 100 Black Men organization. I was shocked me. He explained that he was impressed, his organization was looking to show that the face of public service is becoming younger and more urban. He said he thinks I have a compelling story to tell.

I couldn't say no to a Congressman, so I said yes.

Anyway, I had to submit a short bio today. I guess it's gonna be printed in the program or whatever. The honorees, which include a guy who has thirty years of service, nationally and internationally as Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs, and Company, are all on point.

My young ass can't compete with that. But I've gotta do what I can with what I got, right?

I decided that if I was doing this, then it's being done the right way. This bio needs to be the bomb. I need make them respect me before I say one word. I have to establish some ethos and show what I've done to warrant speaking to a hall filled with grown ass men.

At 3 AM this morning, I finished feverishly. Lemme know what you think.



After studying Public Policy and African-American Studies as an undergraduate fellow with the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership at the University of Maryland, Mr. Jones joined the Baltimore-based xxxxxxxx Foundation in August of 2006. He serves as project administrator for the Foundation's national, state and strategic initiatives.

With the Foundation, Mr. Jones administers many of the baseball and softball programs and facilities that positively impact disadvantaged youth across the country by combining the principles represented by the Ripken name, the power of Cal, Jr. as a modern day hero and role model, and the universal appeal of baseball.

Understanding the importance of the Foundation's mission, he is ecstatic about working to reach it's goal of developing young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, while promoting 'The Ripken Way'.

Mr. Jones is a 2002 magna cum laude graduate of the Baltimore City College, the nation's third oldest public university-preparatory, and participant in the Switzerland-based International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. As a student, Mr. Jones served as President of the school's National Honor Society and twice as President of the Carrollton-Wight Literary Debate Society. He currently serves on the Resource Development Advisory Panel of the Baltimore City College Alumni Association.

He is a native Marylander and currently resides in Baltimore.


life said...

A dignitary in the making..go head Mr. Jones

ProfessorB said...

Your first sentence makes it seem like you didn't graduate college. Did you?

mp1 said...

I can respect that bio. Sounds like you're well on your way to doing big things. Like Professorb, I think the firstsentence may be a bit ambiguous. I didn't come to the same conclusion initially, but after rereading the intro, I can understand how one mightthink that you didn'tcomplete college. Maybe you could change to "After completing his undergrad..."

Anonymous said...

You're in the position (as you already know) to make numerous contacts, leading to a multitude of opportunities. Just be you and absorb as much as you can.

Kudos my man, kudos!
= )

Darius T. Williams said...

It's missing something...I mean it's good - but it's not stellar. When do you have to submit it?

yet another black guy said...

i'm impressed. you're very accomplished for such a young man and that bodes well for the future. plus you're cute and sent me some free gear, so what's not to like, huh? lol

Mr. Jones said...

Thanks for your feedback guys. I'll take all this into consideration.

D.LavarJames said...

This was really well written. And you have a lot of experience, great job, man.

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