Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Review

Sunday, July 8, 2007
Philadelphia was amazing and more than worth the 85 minutes it takes me to drive there. It's a wonderful city with lots of offerings. I never lack things to do there.

I got into Philly at 2am on Saturday. I was hungry and since it was late, I drove to Gino's, the one place I knew would be open at that hour.

Saturday afternoon, I did some shopping at Liberty Place (picked up two shirts, some new boxers, socks and a new belt) and visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Saturday night, I overindulged at Roy's. It was quite a spread. I came with what felt like an insatiable appetite, but surprisingly I got my succulent fill of the most tantalizing loin I've ever had.

Everything about that meal was perfect.

I'm definitely going back for seconds.


Cocoa Rican said...

Glad you enjoyed PA... never really got into the city of brotherly love... always felt that even DC had it beat. Go figure...

Kensilo said...

Seemed like someone had a very nice time in PA.

What's your take on Philadelphia's Musuem of Art?

Mr. Jones said...

I had a wonderful time in Philadelphia.

ken - my take on the PMA is...BIG. It's HUGE. One of the largest in the country by square footage and size of collection. They are currently exhibiting work by Willie Johnson, an awesome Black modernist. They also have a pretty cool Pop Art installation with pieces from Worhol and Lichenstein and others.

Cocoa - DC is dry. I hated my time there. EVERYTHING was political. You couldn't go out for happy hour without some pompous jerk asking who on the Hill you worked for or which think tank you research for.

DC has some nice looking dudes and females too, but it's not what people make it out to be.

Then again, I think Manhattan is overrated too, so...take it for what it worth I guess.

yet another black guy said...

that's it?! it took longer for you to tell me about the drive than it did to read the post. look at you being all coy. i can see those rosy cheeks all lit up from here!

Mr. Jones said...

I know. I didn't want to be too forthcoming, but since you're twisting my arm...

Over the course of two days, we did it...multiple times. Each time was amazing.

I'm going up for a day trip tomorrow. Hopefully it'll turn into a night trip, too.

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