Tuesday, July 31, 2007

**Vacation Update**

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Well, I must admit I'm not nearly as annoyed with having limited access to a computer as I thought I'd be. Since I'm online for a minute, I thought I'd share a little about my trip to NY with you guys.

Friday - Drinks at the Brooklyn Inn. Its a neighborhood bar in Boerum Hill. Cheap beer, nice people, nothing spectacular. After a night of drinking, I needed greasy food. I picked up two slices at a pizzeria. Hit the bed early...tired.

Saturday - The day started with breakfast at a diner off of McCarter Highway in Newark (I know, its Newark, but the food is sooooooo good.) We headed to the city for some afternoon shopping in midtown (I hit up the J. Crew at Rockefeller Plaza) and downtown (Club Monaco and Bloomingdales in Soho both had sales).

Later that afternoon, we went to this amazing rooftop party in Brooklyn (Clinton Hill to be exact). Everything about it was fantastic and authentic Brooklyn. The guys, the girls, the music, the diversity. Couple that with free beer and, ahem, herbal refreshments in the form of cupcakes abound and I literally had the most fun I've had in years at a party.

After the party, my Brooklyn guide took me to the best soul food resturant I've ever Ben to. Its called 'A Night's Cook' at Fulton and South Oxford in Fort Green. I had grilled salmon, Mac and cheese, yams, potatoe salad. The food was really amazing.

After that night, I was sold on Brooklyn. I looked on Craig's list for BK apartments. Pat places average about $1200. That's about the same as a slightly above average apartment in Baltimore!

Sunday - Sunday started with brunch at a French cafe in the Meat Packing District. It was nice. I had poached egg and smoked salmon and some sort of bread. The only issue was that it started raining, but I couldnt complain. The weather gods smiled on me all weekend long. After that, I drove to Queens to visit a buddy.

Monday - Oh, well, I guess I'll include this. I went to Fireplace, a bar in Dupont Circle in DC last night...alone. I didn't leave alone. I know what you're saying, this is completely out of character and utterly naughty-this is nothing like Mr. Jones. No sex. Lots of most everything else though. No regrets.

I'm in Atlanta now. Hope you guys are enjoying whatever you're doing!

We'll catch up when I get back.


Kensilo said...

Why did'nt you tell me that you were going to the Fireplace on Mon. I would have hung out with ya. See there. *head shaking* I love NY!

life said...

Hey, you have to do something crazy from time to time. I hope you enjoy the A.

Cocoa Rican said...

Okay pa... so you didn't even "hang" in NYC with your blogger family... you know what?!? :)
Well, I'm glad you're having a good time. Shoot... you're on vacation... so do you!

yet another black guy said...

get yours!!!

LVEGAS said...

Hey Warren, sounds like your havin' the best time. One of my best buddies, Billy, lives in Midtown (Peachtree). Royce has already talked to him and I'll leave his number with him, You two would have a blast!and he wouldn't mind you callin' him.
So you didn't leave alone???? Just 1 more and you'll beat my record!
You look sooooooo sweet in that peachy top! lol Peter

Anonymous said...

Like Angela Bassett said in Waiting To Exhale: "Hell, my body needs this."

Have a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

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