Thursday, July 5, 2007

I need to make some life changes

Thursday, July 5, 2007

So, I went home yesterday and decided to take action on two of these issues.

I walked my dog yesterday...twice. He loved it. I just need to do it more often to get him in the habit of going out of the yard every single day. It tired him out too.

In addition to the walk I took with my dog, I ran 5.2 miles around the neighborhood. I love the feeling of fit and will either hit the gym or run everyday.

New job and new job could be taken care of shortly. New relationship to follow?

I don't like where I live anymore.

I'm tired of Baltimore and need to go elsewhere. It's not the city I take issue with (I was actually telling YABM the other day about the wonderful encounter I had the other day with the friendliest neighbor I've ever met.) My issue is how mundane life has become. I wake up, go to work and go home. When I do chill, I chill with the same people at the same places, etc. I feel like I've gotten all I can get from the DC-Baltimore area.

I've been all over Craig's List this morning looking for apartments in Atlanta and Philadelphia (there's actually more to this story that we'll get to later). I have a buddy who lives in Atlanta. I'm gonna arrange a trip down there to find somewhere to live...hopefully. I swear that I'm honestly contemplating just packing up and, armed with my meager life savings, just moving.

I don't like my job anymore.

This, actually, isn't news. The honeymoon was over a looong time ago. I've disliked what I do for a few months now and I'm sure it's reflected in my demeanor and quality of work. That's something that I'll have to change...and quickly.

I'm no fool. I know all about not burning bridges and being careful who I offend, etc. When I do cut things off, it will be professional and amicable.

I don't go to the gym anymore.

I haven't been to the gym in damn near a month. I haven't been to the gym on a consistent, daily basis in God knows how long. This would be fine if I were running in my neighborhood in lieu of the gym, but that's not the case. I've been eating whatever I want to and I'm starting to feel it. I've gained 7 pounds in two months. My friends don't notice it, but I do. I keep saying 'tomorrow is the day I re-commit'. So far, not-so-good.

I don't like the idea of having a dog anymore.

Let me be clear. I love my dog. When he acts appropriately, he's fine. When he runs amuck, I could beat the crap out of him. I like having him around, but he's been doing little things that really piss me off. I'm not sure if puppies just go through this terrible phase or what, but he needs to pull it together.

- He won't go into his crate when he's supposed to. I used to open the door and he'd calmly follow me inside to his crate. After some gentle nudging, he'd go in and that would be that. Well, not his ass makes me chase him outside for 20 mins. When I finally do catch him, he falls limp in the grass like bad ass kids do in Target.

- He won't go on his leash. He gives me such trouble that I haven't walked him in days. He's been chillen in the backyard.

- Dog ownership takes time. I've been doing a good job with him so far, but I've also been questioning my ability to continue.

Right now, the good still outweighs the bad. I hope his behavior improves. I'd hate to have to part with my pup.

I don't like the idea of being single anymore.

I'd like to be involved with someone. Finding someone I like and can appreciate has proven to be tougher than I thought in my area. Perhaps my fortunes will change if I move to the A.

::crosses fingers::

Random Question:

A fling from a few years ago contacted via MySpace the other day. Well, I guess what we had qualifies as slightly more than a fling. Anyway, I was invited to Philadelphia for the weekend. If I go, I know something sexual gonna happen. It's been a minute (like...6 months) since, know.

Other than having trouble finding someone to fornicate with on a regular basis, there's no significance to this streak. Trust me, I don't mind ending it. I actually want this streak to end, but I know me and I know that if this happens, it'll open the flood gates (pardon the pun) and I'll want it night in and night out.

Should I or shouldn't I?


TheBlacks said...

Open up the flood gates!

Cocoa Rican said...

I sometimes feel that way about NYC, then I realize going home (Puerto Rico) would be the only other place that could keep me as interested. I get what you’re saying about work…you’re right, don’t burn bridges. The doggy thing will drive you nutz. Busta, who is feeling better, is now having accidents in the house because of the medication – I’m not used to it and now feel that the medication will save him so that I can murder him myself. I’m hanging in there, but there are times that I consider just un-complicating my life.
I hate to be the hookah, but…. DO IT! You’re young and sexy now… why wait? Who are you saving it for? They’re going to like it when you get to them, so just give it to Mr. Philly now and get back in the groove of things!

ProfessorGQ said...

It sounds like you need a change. Just weigh the options carefully. I think that when I turn 35, I'll move back to ATL after things may seem stale in Chicago, but I've been here for five years straight now, and I'm loving it here.

Here's to new adventures for ya.

Anonymous said...


yet another black guy said...

well you are still young with little responsibilities tethering you to the area, so a move wouldn't be outrageous.

the dog is trying to train you now, haha!

as for the impending shag-a-thon, save it for someone who'll either appreciate it or make you say his name LOUD. if that's mister Philly, go for it. just don't let everybody get wet once the gates get open.

Mr. Jones said...

I appreciate you guys' responses. Its interesting that everyone agrees on the sex.

Kensilo said...

All man.... everyone is leaving The Balt- washington area. I know .. I know .. it gets lame here sometimes. Maybe that explains why I and my friends spend majority of our time in VA.

Darius T. Williams said...

You shouldn't!

Corey Keith said...

Move to ATL! You would love it! opportunity falls at your feet in the ATL!

Corey Keith said...

Move to ATL! You would love it! opportunity falls at your feet in the ATL!

That Dude Right There said...

Before you move, reserve your uhaul before the other 360 people moving here each day. LOL

And as far as sex goes, if you want to do it, do it. Just when you do, MAKE SURE that you enjoy it. Otherwise you will wish that you would have waited.

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