Thursday, June 21, 2007

This or that? - You Decide

Thursday, June 21, 2007
I wanna buy two pair of sneakers this weekend. I'm pretty sure I'm buying these:

But, I also want some real sneakers. Which pair should I buy?

Choice #1:

Choice #2:


I went to the mall to pick up a shirt to wear to a party tomorrow and came out with 5 things. Every store had sales. I saw these in Nordstrom and decided to get them:


lj said...

um #1 but then again I don't really buy basketball shoes anymore

Kensilo said...

I like num 1. But hey break down and buy all three!! : - D

Cocoa Rican said...

Can we have something a bit less hideous for choice #2? I mean for real pa, I'm down with the first pair, but the second two look like you may be going for a space walk...then again, I'm an old man and can't carry all that weight on my feet. LOL

yet another black guy said...

not sure about those plaid joints as they may be relegated to the "specific outfit" category, in which you may regret buying them.

the dunks (the 2nd pair) wear well with many things, but be advised they are not the best in regards to comfort.

the Lebron IV's are comfy but may be a bit too heavy and clunky for you. also, the shoe gets EXTREMELY hot and is kind of a pain to put on. plus i'm not sure if they've gone on sale yet, but the cheapest i've seen them is $95. it's a great basketball shoe, but not so much for casual wear.

i'd say go with a pair of Nike Air Max 90. or some white Air Force One's. i know everyone has a pair, but they are versatile, comfortable and affordable. you can get 2 pair! :)

D.LavarJames said...

I like the ones you are definitly going to buy. But out of choice 1 & 2 I would go with #1, they seem more comfortable and they would probably go with more things, rather then 2.

But hell, no one can have enuff shows, get all 3! lol

LVEGAS said...

I like the plaid, they'd look great with a pair of flat front chino knee length shorts. Just don't wear them with your patchwork shorts!
By the way I like ur style lol P

LVEGAS said...

p.s. see my dumb blog to see the pants I'm talkin about

Mr. Jones said...

Thanks for the responses guys.

Rican - lol @ space walk. I came to my senese and actually settled on a pair of Lacoste sneakers I saw at Nordstrom. I'll update the post and show those.

yabg - I agree, so I held off. That's not to say I wont buy them in the future, but I won't do it on an impulse. Instant gratification often comes back to bite you in the ass.

Vegas - I actually own a few pair of flat front knee length chino shorts. My coworkers at J Crew told me not to wear the shoes and the shorts together too. I promise I wont.

LVEGAS said...

You ARE a total HONEY, and I've told our friend wot I think and no I don't think he would mind. Love the new pics in those shorts. I have a pink RL pathchwork shirt with suede elbows, it cost a fortune and has been hiding unworn in my closet(you're welcome to it)
BTW.That guy on my blog IS Tweety from the now defunkt(I think?) band 'Next' I wish he was my man though !!!! lol Pedro

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