Monday, June 25, 2007

Song of the Moment

Monday, June 25, 2007
After growing up the northeast, listening to FM radio has been tough recently. I've come to accept that southern rap is not a fad and is here to stay...for now. In the midst of crap like this and this and this, its good to know that the south can still produce a banger.

International Players Anthem by UGK feat. Outkast is easily the hottest southern rap song and video combination this year. It's well produced...kudos to Juicy J and DJ Paul. The video was well directed...Bryan Barber always does well. Andre has spit fire on everything he's been on post-The Love Below; this verse is no exception.

Cameos by T-Pain, Three 6 Mafia, David Banner, Alex Thomas, DeRay Davis, Chamillionaire, Fonzworth Bentley, Big Gipp, Don Magic Juan, Big Tigger, Lukas Haas, Slimm Cutta Calhoun, Katt Williams, Chamillionaire...everybody.

I've listened to this song like 40 times in the last two days. It and the video are a still a breath of fresh air.

UGK feat. Outkast - International Players Anthem


Omar Ramon said...

wardrobe aside...andre 3000 is one of my favorite lyricists...
I gotta hear this when i get home..being that i don't listen to the radio i miss out on the occasional great piece amidst the crap I'm trying to avoid.

LVEGAS said...

LOVIN IT......I'm late already mr j for my pals b'day ...still don't know wot sneakers to wear(see my blog and tell me) and now I'm gonna HAVE to download that tune to listen to in my car!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Andre 3000 is da bizness shawty.

LVEGAS said...

Jus to say I went with the Cons, thanx. The pumps are NOT mine,(my size 13s don't fit in 11s lol.
Saw JB whoop that Russians ass today. I have high hopes for the hunk (poor dude has had a rough time)
Sorry Mr J was forgettin'this is bloglololol P

yet another black guy said...

gotta pass, i own the original that this is 'sampled' from, Willie Hutch - "I Choose You"; which is a masterpiece. they basically rapped on top of it with some 808 thrown in.

as for the video, i kinda dug it. until i got sick of seeing 50 bajillion light skinned chicks beaming hard.

i like all shades and wish i could see more of them.

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