Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
I celebrated another year on God’s green earth this weekend. Usually, I’m not one to fuss over a birthday. Honestly, for me, it’s just a normal day. My friends, however, were determined not to allow this to be another birthday. Here’s the brief, but detailed re-cap:

Thursday: My ex invited me to a club in Baltimore. We chilled, we drank and our night ended unpleasantly in yet another overly dramatic and completely avoidable argument. There really isn’t much more to report about that night.

Friday: After work, my Dad and I met at a bar in Adam’s Morgan for a few drinks. I’ve never experienced drinking with either of my parents. Although it was more fun than I thought, I doubt I’d do it again. He got drunk, became oddly fascinated with the keyless start button and center console display in my car, invited me to what he referred to as a ‘titty bar’ in downtown Baltimore and offered me a threesome with his ex-girlfriend and him. I respectfully declined the latter two and drove him home. My take away from that experience was to never drink with your Dad who is only 17 years your senior.

Saturday: Steve (who went to Maryland with me), Brandon (Steve’s buddy who went to Carolina), Naite (Brandon’s buddy that neither I nor Steve had met before who also went to UNC) went to the 9:30 Club in DC. I don’t remember much about this night after taking my birthday shots. I was fairly wasted.

Sunday (my actual birthday): Chilled with my current bun. We just watched movies and stuff.

Monday: To make a short story even shorter, this was the prototypical day with my ex. We had dinner and went to the movies. It was a novel idea that ended in a yet another Academy Award worthy argument. It wasn’t my fault.

All in all…good times. Now, I'm relaxing. My short work week begins tomorrow.


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