Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Musing 1.0

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
So...the muse for today's rant is an exchange between a lady and her daughter who sat next to me at the barber shop. The young daughter (probably 11 or 12) and her friend come back from a nearby Burger King. The daughter leaves out to use the bathroom. Mom takes a sip of daughter's drink. The daughter returns from the bathroom. The following ensues:

Lady: (in a very stern and abrasive tone) Did you taste this before you left Burger King?
Daughter: Huh? No. Why?
Lady: This is seltzer water. I always tell you to taste things before you leave places. What is wrong with you? Why don't you listen?
Daughter: (gives perplexed look)
Daughter: I'll go back and get another one.
Lady: No you won't! You'll drink this one. I swear, I'm not giving you anymore of my money. You don't value shit. What's wrong with you?
Daughter: (takes sip of drink) Ma, I don't want thins. It's nasty.
Lady: Ciara, DO NOT PLAY WITH ME!! You better drink that seltzer water!
Daughter: (drinks what remains of seltzer)
Me: (Texts LaNia to laugh at/ridicule the mother) to begin? First, I feel for the daughter. Parents always blow shit out of proportion and make a big deal out of things that really aren't that serious. The lady placed no blame on the Burger King for not checking their soft drinks before serving it to the public. Restaurants have an inherent responsibility to ensure the quality of their products. If not, then they wouldn't be negligent when people find razors in their hot dogs or fried mice in their bucket of Popeye's. Besides, how many times do you check your shit before leaving a fast food place?

Now, let's get into the mother. She really needs to relax. I don't know if she was having a bad day or if she's sexually frustrated or what, but she made a scene over a damn soda. I completely understand and appreciate when parents rear their kids (that doesn't happen often enough today.) But teach a lesson about drugs or sex or something...soda is not a core value.

Lastly, this whole situation could've been avoided had she not drank the girl's stuff when she went to the damn bathroom. That's what her sneaky ass gets.


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