Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trey Songz talks Choking, Eating P*ssy and STDs

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Trey Songz recently did a waaaaaaaay over-the-top interview with Honey Magazine. Needless to say it got more than little raunchy. In fact, it was a bit much for my saintly ears. Between us, I happen believe that this is all apart of a very calculated effort to maintain appearances. However, you're free to take it all FWIW.

Here's the more risqué part of the interview.

Let’s jump right in it. You are a proud supporter of porn?
Yeah. I think porn is cool.

Any recommendations?
Any recommendations on porn? Go to 4228, and I don’t visit them frequently, but that's three different sites. How could you go wrong?

You prefer free over paying?
Not necessarily. Sometimes I pay for it in the room. Because when I was younger I used to sneak and buy DVDs.

But some things look better than they feel.
Yea there are some things that happen in porn that some girls can never do in real life (laughs), you know what I mean, unless they are porn stars. I think that’s the cool part about it. It’s like ‘damn, that’s crazy.’

What’s your favorite type?
I think that porn is a way to broaden your horizons as far as sex is concerned. I remember when I first started watching porn my favorite porn star was Lacey Duvalle, Lindy Foxx, and I like the free will of porn all in itself.

And what’s your favorite things to use in the bedroom?
My tongue and my penis (laughs).

You know the rumor that if a girl drinks pineapple juice her sh*t tastes sweeter?
Yeah I heard about that. Well you know the rumor that if a dude drinks pineapple juice (laughs)… I’m gonna tell you a funny story. I was eating skittles. One night, we went to the movies, me and my homegirl, and I was eating skittles and she (gave me head) that night, so two days later she was talking to her homegirl and she was reading that if her man eats skittles his cum tastes better. And she was tripping because I had ate skittles and she was like it tastes different. And I was like that’s some bullsh*t.

Can you tell when a girl is faking?

Are girls really that good at faking?
I feel like I’m really great at sex.

So girls don’t fake with you.
No I’m saying I can’t tell if they do.

You ever got anything before?
When I was like 16 or 17, this girl gave me crabs. It was the most uncomfortable shit in the world. I was confused because ain't nobody know I was having sex. So I was like damn what the fuck is going on? I even had to cut all my hair off and I had to eventually tell somebody. And had to go to the doctor.

And you told her?
Yea I told her. It was a wild experience. We were young. And that was kind of crazy and it was the worst so when I told her she tried to deny it. And I just basically stopped talking to her.

Morning sex or drunken sex?
I say drunken sex. 'Cause with morning sex, the morning may not be right. Some girls aren’t made for mornings (laughs)

You wake up to a lot of ugly women?
No, I don’t really have sex in the morning unless it’s really somebody special.


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